Why is Chess a Sport?

Considering chess as a sport provokes many different opinions worldwide. Some people think that chess could not be taken as a sport, while others strongly believe this game is definitely a sport. After deep research, we can say the second group is right. Chess is an official sport and many reasons prove it.

A long history

First games of chess were played in the ancient times and this practice continued long after that period. The first official world championship happened in 1886, when most players wanted to compete on a more professional level. They managed to make the competition very serious and champions got recognition all over the world. The championships have been popular for a long time and these events make chess a sport in all aspects.

Body and mind comes together

If you imagine sport as a physical activity, think again. Chess requires serious physical involvement even if you cannot see it obviously. Heart rate is increasing while you think about the next move, blood pressure is changing when your time is running, you sweat, you act and you react. Physical involvement is definitely present. In addition, we don’t have to mention the psychological side of chess. You mind power is the most important here. Both body and mind combine in order to ensure that chess is a real sport.

Competitive aspect

Just like in any sport, you need to be competitive in chess. How to win, how to perform better, what to change? All these questions are coming to your mind during the game. You want to win and you will do anything you need in order to be better than your opponent.

As you can see, chess has so many properties of a real sport. It is a sport with long tradition and strong future. People will continue to play chess on both professional and amateur level, which is a proof that chess is really a sport.

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