What is the Tango?

Tango refers to a type of ballroom dance performed by two people, usually a male and female pair. It involves coordinated and rhythmic movements with pauses in between them. Tango originally began in Argentina in the mid 19th century before being adopted in other parts of the world.

As a form of dance, tango has since evolved into various versions. This is owing to cultural and contemporary music influences. There are nowadays over 10 versions of tango being danced all over the world. These include Tango argentino, Tango salon, Tango Oriental Uruguay, Tango liso, Tango canyengue, Tango Nuevo, and Tango milonguero among others. The original Tango argentino style is however still the main tango dance style.

Movements and styles in Tango

Tango dancing involves perfectly coordinated movements. A couple dancing tango assume lead and follow roles to enable them execute the dance harmoniously. The leader determines the movements and then the follower responds in rhythm with them.

Tango is also characterised by embrace. There can be open embrace whereby some space is left in between dancers or close embrace whereby there’s bodily contact with a 9006 sylvania zxe.

Attributes of Tango

Tango is a kind of dance that is rich in quality and very vibrant. The major defining qualities of tango dance are passion, collaboration and intimacy.

Tango is quite a dance of passion. Partners usually express their emotions and showcase passionate movements while at it. The dance is also a very collaborative one in that partners have to be in sync with each other. Furthermore, the embraces involved make it quite an intimate dance. This intimacy is even more heightened by the fact that partners can talk to each other as they dance.

Tango music

In terms of music choice, tango dancers can dance to original tango music or electronic tango inspired music. They can also dance to alternative tango, music that has been specifically crafted to be a tango music replacement.

Tango music is accompanied by a range of instruments including piano, guitar, violin, and accordion among others.

In regards to venue, you can dance tango at tango clubs within your locality or at occasions and party events which include tango music. You can also enrol in a tango class to perfect your dance skills.